The TruVibe Story


TruVibe was founded by two very connected souls Anand Dani and Jason Dekker with one single mission in mind To inspire you to be your true potential by eating healthier and living happier.

Dekker and Dani feel that almost everyone wakes up everyday looking for inspiration and positive energy to fuel them to reach their true potential and live their dreams. They sincerely hope that the combination of their nutrient dense superfoods and positive energetic brand messaging does just that. Superfoods have been enjoyed for thousands of years in their original essence and that tradition continues to this day and we are glad to be a part of it.

The name TruVibe is meant to represent different things to different people and we certainly don't want to tell anyone what significance it should hold for them. This is also true with all of our branding and messaging. We are merely seeking to stoke your inner voice and higher self in triggering you to live your best life, the one you've always wanted to live and enjoy.

To us, TruVibe stands for true vibrant health and true energetic vibrations. These two meanings are particularly important to us because we feel they both encompass and embody the true essence of what our brand stands for and the superfoods you'll find in every one of our packs. 

In mid 2013, Dekker called Dani and suggested that they start an organic superfoods company together centered around positive energy. Dani immediately and without hesitation jumped at the idea and TruVibe was born. They both knew instantly that this was something they both wanted to do together. It also seems much more than happenstance that these two ended up meeting in 2012 through a mutual friend and forming TruVibe shortly thereafter.

Dani's first name Anand, which means bliss in Sanskrit is the first clue and the fact that he grew up in India as a devout vegetarian eating superfoods and learning the ways of Ayurveda from his mom and grandmother is another. Next, Anand and his brother Amar started Dani Organics, a bulk wholesale raw ingredients company in 2008. To date Dani Organics has helped certify over 30,000 small farms organic under their certification and this number continues to grow. 

Now we come to Dekker's tremendous spiritual pursuits which have taken him all over the world in an effort to expand his consciousness studying with spiritual masters and mystics alike in churches, monasteries, temples, ashrams, and other sacred sites. He also holds a degree in clairvoyance and is a very gifted healer and intuitive. And, in maybe the most amazing twist of fate Dekker has the Sanskrit phrase "Sat Chit Ananda", which means truth, consciousness and bliss, which also happens to be Dani's first name, tattooed on his side. How many people can say that they tattooed the name of their future business partner on their body before they even met them?  

Dekker and Dani have also been very successful in a multitude of other business ventures and are making the conscious choice to follow their passion and to live it everyday through TruVibe. Both are certain that their paths were meant to join with each others and share their passion for superfoods and positive energy with the world.

All of TruVibe's superfoods are certified organic, GMO-free, kosher, gluten free, vegetarian and filled with positive energy that your body will love. We hope that you'll love our superfoods as much as we do and that our brand will inspire you to live your dreams.